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Columbus Metropark Reviews

By a frequent user and runner of parks

Columbus Metropolitan Parks are a chain of parks and trails designed to preserve and exhibit local wildlife.  The organization started in 1945 and implemented their first park in 1948.  The parks are protected under Ohio Revised Code Section 1545 which has helped conserve natural resources and wildlife.  As a high school cross country runner and a lover of the outdoors, I have enjoyed using these parks for my entire running career.

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About Me

I am a senior at New Albany High School and have been running all my life.  I started running competitive cross country in the 7th grade and have loved running ever since then.  I have been a 4 time varsity runner for the high school team.  During the season our team likes to run at different trails and metro parks around Columbus. We love to go to new parks but we are always unsure whether the park will have viable trails for us to run at.  This is the main reason for the creation of my website because I want to help other people and runners like me.

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