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Blacklick Woods

Blacklick Woods Metro Park is a very unique metro park.  This metro park has some smaller trails within, but it connects to the Blacklick Woods Golf Course.

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Multi Use Trail

The Multi Use trail is 4 miles long and stretches from one end of the park to the other and loops back around.  This trail is all gravel and connects to the different areas of the park.  This trail is useful because you can use it to get to any part of the metro park.

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Beech Trail

This trail is gravel and is a little less than a mile, about .7 miles.  It is a partially paved and partially gravel trail that loops around Ashton Pond and is at the front of the park.  This trail is quick and easy to run and has trees surrounding it.

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Buttonbush Trail

Buttonbush trail is a half mile, gravel trail at the very back of the park that starts from the nature center and loops all the way back to finish in the same place.  There is a small .1 mile trail called Walter A. Tucker trail that connects Buttonbush to Maple Loop.

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Maple Trail

Maple Trail is a mile long paved trail that is not accessible from the road.  To get to this loop you must either start from the Buttonbush trail or the Beech trail.  This trail is a large loop that runs deep in the middle of the forest.

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Nature Center

The Nature Center at Blacklick Woods is a little off the road and into the woods.  I thought this was pretty cool because it forces you to walk through the woods and see the wildlife.  The Nature Center has a place to hangout in the front and has many large windows to look into the woods and observe the wilderness.

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Playgrounds and Bathrooms

Blacklick Woods has multiple playgrounds and covered gathering areas throughout the park.  Each parking lot has a playground, bathroom, and two to three covered areas to hangout.

Blacklick Woods: Activities
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