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Blendon Woods

Blendon Woods Metro Park is a large and hilly park with many different trails.  Blendon includes gravel trails with hills, paved trails with hills, grass trails, and even an area to zip line.  Blendon Woods has anything you could ask for and is a great place to hangout with friends.


Covered Shelters

There are many shelters on all sides of Blendon Woods that you are able to use to sit down with friends, grill, and enjoy the outdoors.


Sugarbush Trail

Sugarbush trail is a 2 mile gravel trail that passes through the woods.  This trail is a little difficult due to a couple large hills mixed throughout.  This trail was nice to get some distance in while still being able to enjoy the hills of Blendon.


Goldenrod Trail

This trail is about 1.25 miles on a mulch/softer surface.  The trail begins in the woods but later enters into a large meadow with nature all around.  This is a shorter trail which is nice to use when you are looking for a softer, flatter, and more open area.


Hickory Ridge and Ripple Rock Trails

These two trails are less than a half mile each and are just connector trails to Brookside trail and the Overlook trail.  These trails are gravel and attach to the street.


Lake Trail

The Lake trail is a paved path to two separate look out areas that are right up on the water and have full windows allowing you to observe the wildlife on the water.


Brookside and Overlook Trail

These two trails are both less than a mile and are connector trails that pass through the woods.  The path is gravel and crosses Ripple Rock Creek.  These paths connect to Hickory Ridge and Ripple Rock trails.


Nature Center

The Nature Center is in the middle of most of the paths at Blendon.  It is surrounded by flowers and wildlife shelters for the public to look at.  My favorite part of the nature center was the enclosure for the box turtles.


Playgrounds and Bathrooms

There is a large playground toward the entrance of Blendon with enclosed bathrooms beside it.  The playground goes further back into the woods and includes zip lines and rope swings.  I love to use the zip line after a hard run with my friends as a way to relax and have fun.

Blendon Woods: Activities
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