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Highbanks Metropark

Highbanks Metro Park is large and very hilly but still has some awesome trails.  Highbanks has many different longer trails which all run through the woods and end at unique places.  My favorite place is the Nature Center which is probably the largest and coolest center that I have been to yet.


Coyote Run Trail

This trail is about 3.5 miles and is partially gravel, dirt, and grass.  I enjoy this trail because it includes many different surfaces through a longer and more difficult path.  Coyote Run has many steep hills but also connects to other trails in Highbanks.


Dripping Rock Trail

This 2.5 mile trail is a bit more difficult than the others at Highbanks.  The gravel trail has many steep hills throughout but still allows you to enjoy the nature and creek below.  If you want to get some hill work in, then this is the trail for you.


Multi-use Trail

This trail is a little over 2.25 miles and is an easier trail to run.  The path is partially gravel and partially grass so it is nice to switch surfaces.  The Multi-Use trail allows for pets as well and passes through the woods and open fields.  This path is enjoyable because you have many options to chose from.


Nature Center

The Highbanks Nature Center is very large and connects to the Coyote and Multi-Use Trails.  The Nature Center has many different reptiles that you can see inside and facts about all the wildlife in the forest posted on all the walls.  It also includes a small library filled with nature books to help you learn about the wildlife in Columbus.  This makes Highbanks worth the visit even on a rainy day.


Playgrounds and Shelters

Highbanks has many playgrounds throughout the park that include a covered gathering space and bathrooms near by.  Highbanks also has designated workout areas with equipment to workout while at the park.

Highbanks: Activities
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