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Pickerington Ponds

Pickerington Ponds Metropark is a great place to visit if you enjoy watching the wildlife around many different ponds.  Pickerington Ponds is connected by trails and roads so to access some of the lookouts you do have to drive (but not very far).  The ponds are beautiful and easy to access.

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Arrowhead Trail

Arrowhead trail is a 1.7 mile grass path that takes you through a forest and fields.  This trail runs you beside George's Creek and is right next to the Arrowhead Marsh.  This path is separate from the other trails and has its own bathrooms and gathering space.

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Killdeer Trail

Killdeer trail is a little over a mile long and is a gravel path that runs around Blue Wing pond and ends at an observation deck.  I enjoy this path because it is not very long, you can enjoy the water as you run, and when you get to the end you are rewarded with an area to sit and observe the wildlife.

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Meadowlark Trail

Meadowlark trail is a mile all grass loop that runs next to George's Creek and an open field.  This loop is easy and fun to run on because it is softer and has an open layout where you can see everything around you.

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Blacklick Creek Greenway trail

This is a 16 mile paved trail that connects Pickerington Ponds to Three Creeks and to Blacklick Woods Metro park.  The trail is fairly flat and easy so if you were up to the challenge, you could follow this trail and visit three different metro parks.

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Ellis Pond

Ellis Pond is one of the Pickerington Ponds.  Ellis has its own parking, lookout, bathrooms, and mural.  This is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the wildlife and water once you are done with the trails.

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Blue Wing Pond

Blue Wing Pond is just down the road from Ellis Pond and is just as beautiful.  Blue Wing has its own parking and has binoculars to use to look out onto the water.

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Bathrooms and Gathering Spaces

Each Pond had its own bathrooms and areas to sit and work.  The gathering spaces here are beautiful because they are right next to the water. After a long day on the trails it is nice to relax here and enjoy the view.

Pickerington Ponds: Activities
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