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Rocky Fork

Rocky Fork is a smaller park but includes just as much as the other Columbus Metro Parks.  Rocky Fork has multiple dog parks and even connects to Bevelhymer which is a sports complex with more trails.


Covered gathering space

This area had many spots to sit, grill, eat, and enjoy the view of nature.


Beech Woodland Trail

This trail is about 1.25 miles in length, completely paved, and is flat.  This loop goes from one end of the park to the other and is surrounded by trees and wildlife.  I personally like this main trail because it connects to many other trails.


North Meadow Trail

This trail is exactly one mile in length which is very convenient as a runner or walker.  The trail is a grass loop that loops around a pond and meadow.  I like this trail because it gives me the option to get on a softer surface while doing my workouts.



There is a playground at the back of the park right next to the all weather dog park.  This allows for people to include their children and even animals to enjoy the outdoors and wildlife.



Rocky Fork has two sets of bathrooms.  The first bathroom is at the front next to the large dog park and dog path.  The second and larger bathroom is at the back of the park near the playground and Beech Woodland trail.

Rocky Fork: Activities
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