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Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods Metro Park is one of the prettiest parks that I have visited.  My favorite part of the park is the massive lake.  I love to run the trails around the lake and observe the wildlife around me.  It is also cool to be able to watch people catch some pretty big fish.


Multipurpose Trail

This trail is a little less than 4 miles and is paved with lanes for bikers.  The Multipurpose trail loops around the entire park and passes through multiple fields and the forest.  This trail is not very difficult but does include a few hills.


Edward S Thomas trail

This trail is about a mile in length and starts paved but becomes gravel as you enter the woods.  The trail is easy to use and runs through the forest until you reach the observation deck.


Spring Creek Trail

Spring Creek is a 1.8 mile trail that runs along side the creek in the forest with two pretty steep hills.  The trail starts on an open field but quickly runs into the beautiful woods nearby.  This trail is moderately easy but does have some hills with gravel.



The lake is my favorite part of Sharon Woods Metropark.  The lake is huge and has a path all the way around with boardwalks, lookouts, and areas to fish.  It is so nice being able to jog right up against the water and watch the wildlife.  Sometimes, you may even watch someone catch a fish!


Playgrounds and Gathering spaces

Sharon Woods has many playgrounds scattered throughout the park.  The playgrounds have covered spaces to hangout and grill with enclosed bathrooms nearby.  After my runs I like to sit with my friends under the gathering space to just hangout and enjoy the wilderness.

Sharon Woods: Activities
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